Discovery Interviews available for District Stakeholder membership inquiries and AllianceCTA Sources Sought.  Stakeholder Members represent regional opportunities and are vital to CEBOT's community outreach and investment strategy.


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Council Exchange
Board of Trade


The 501(c)(6) International Trade Association for the Minority Technology Industry

Karl Cureton, Founder & Chairman

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October 5, 2021



CEBOT Governed Contractor Team Arrangements

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Serving the 65,000 U.S. Minority Technology Companies Employing over 500,000 Worldwide 

People Build The Economy - Knowledge Ensures Success

Building a New American Economy

America's Community Collaboration Platform

The ACCP Digital Collaboration Platform was created to unify our nation and build together the critical relationships and infrastructure needed to restore the health and economy of the United States.  The broader impact of this research includes new international economic development methodologies.

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There’s no greater economic engine in the world than the hard work and ingenuity of the American people. ACCP brings together industry, government, academia, service providers and community to digitally create a path towards economic mobility and self-sufficiency for targeted participants across United States.

The current version of the ACCP service offering introduces a two year longitudinal research on over 660,000 current HUD housing support recipients located in 50 Public Housing Authority (PHA) jurisdictions across the United States.  This "iMembers Portal" program is set to launch September 12, 2022. 

CEBOT Economic Recovery Research
Connecting  research, learning, and growing to the minority technology industry and the communities and stakeholders they serve

Building Industry Resilience - Stronger Together




Advancement Research converges performance, governance and capital into innovation ecosystems.  Operating on the belief that given a healthy choice people would choose productivity over dependence.  Advancement Research brings an integrative framework for managing knowledge across boundaries.

Innovation in Motion is part of an industry focused, design based, applied research framework that studies how best systems connect and improve in public good ecosystems.  Workforce systems are best envisioned with stakeholders including employers.  Industry allows for multiple businesses and community partners, all sharing in the outcomes.

CEBOT's vision of collaboration ensures an increase in community access to workforce opportunities and resources.  We accomplish this by utilizing growth algorithms to increase community economic capacity and education relevance through industry led public-private partnerships and research based cooperative agreements.

Looking Forward Research & Development

Federal Cooperative Agreements

Mission: To lead a national inclusive economic development agenda by promoting innovation and competitiveness, preparing America's Opportunity Zones for economic growth and success in the worldwide economy.

Industry Intermediary

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Building a Nation of Producers

America's economy converges and grows when industry, government and community partners work together and agree to joint profitable and sustainable economic outcomes.

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A P P R E N T I C E S H I P  I N T E R M E D I A R Y


Cyber Apprenticeships

The CEBOT Cyber Career Workforce Center ( is focused on the specific cybersecurity work role "All-Source Analysis" in the NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework.  Developing an applied curriculum, deliver classroom instruction, and provide pathways to relevant career, college degree, and/or certification

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Member Resource Partner Support

Special Emphasis ProgramMinority Tech Contractor Team Arrangement

Remote Member Service Support& Development Strategies

The Alliance CTA Program researches the connection point between contracting, trust and risk.  Governing partnerships through standards, smart contracts and program support workflow process improvement.

CEBOT Technical Assistance Process



Initiate Member engagement workflow and assign case to CEBOT representative.



Collect data from interview and assessment results to understand issues and opportunities for owner & employee resilience



Summarize discoveries, prioritize skill needs, and recommend the most relevant education, training or advisory services to ensure community and worker success.



Implement recommendations, follow up on progress, ensure task completions by guiding business owner or designee through agreed membership and structured process.


Review & Report

Evaluate progress, measure results, reassess where necessary, develop close out report.

CEBOT Economic Recovery Research
Minority Tech Industry Economic Stabilization Initiative

The Information Communications and Technology industry sector is in great need of skilled labor. Training/Learning content, infrastructure and delivery systems are areas of investment that returns a lifetime of benefit to all parties concerned. Particularly when relevance and employment are aligned.

Education alignment along with an applied research approach, where industry is partnered and part of the learning ecosystem, will yield investment returns and community growth.

Economic Equalization 


Innovating Beyond the Civil Society into a global economic value network.

Aligning economic choice with core human values  disrupts status quo and builds a sustainable business ecosystem.  Future profit ventures that focus on both customer and community needs  will prove most competitive.

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Council Exchange Board of Trade
Rights, Privileges and Member Protection

Privacy Policy

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Refund Policy

Member benefits and the rights of the 501c6 that represents them are an important step to combining our joint will to serve and protect our interests..

Protecting your private information is our priority.

Our intent is to create exceptional value exchange between our members and the Council

The Council Exchange Board of Trade is organized as a 501(c)6 Trade Association.  

VA HQ office address is 4601 N. Fairfax Dr., Suite 1200 Arlington, VA, US 22203

Call 8:00am to 5:00pm(EST) Monday - Friday at (800) 557-0172

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